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Pan- online Application

Application for fresh allotment of PAN can be made through Internet. Further, requests for changes or correction in PAN data or request for reprint of PAN card ( for an existing PAN ) may also be made through Internet.

Online application can be made either through the portal of NSDL ( http://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/index.html ) or portal of UTITSL ( http://www.utitsl.co.in/utitsl/uti/newapp/newapnapplication.jsp ). The charges for appying address and Rs. 94 ( including service tax ) for Indian communication address and 744 ( including service tax ) for foreign communication address, i.e. there are no additional charges. Payment of application fee can be made through credit / debit card or net - banking. Once the application  and payment is accepted, the applicant is required to send the supporting documents through courier / post to NSDL / UTITSL. Only after the receipt of the  documents, PAN application would be processed by NSDL / UTITSL. 

Now a days PAN ( Permanent Accoutn number ) Card is Mandatory for each and every individual Indian Citizen for making any kind of money transaction. here I will explain the step by step procedure to apply for PAN Card.

Mode of Application :

  • Online Mode
  • Offiline Mode

Requirement to Apply for PAN Card :

  • Processing Fee Rs. 96.00
  • ID Proof and Address Proof
    • CLICK HERE for Documents to be submitted OR
    • Submit Gazetted Officer Certificate as ID Proof and Address Proof
  • ?Date of Birth Proof ( SSLC Book / School Certificate, Birth Certificate or Report from Tahsildar)

Mode of Fee Payment :

  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Net Banking

Here through Credti Card / Debit Card ( No Confusion. Your ATM Card is your Debit Card ) or Net banking is the easiest way of making the Payment.

Procedure for Applying through ONLINE Mode :

  1. CLICK HERE to go for Application Page. You will see the page as shown in the below snapshot.
  2. Click " New PAN for Indian Citizens ( Form 49A) "
  3. You will be directed to " Application for New PAN " page in new window. There click " Online Application for New PAN ( Form 49A )"
  4. You can also click "Important Instructions and Guidelines at a glance " or " Do's and Don'ts for New PAN Application " to get more details.
  5. Now you are taken to Guidelines page. Read all the guideline carefully.
  6. Also at the end of same page, read the " Instructions for filling form49A " and " Instructions for documents to be submitted ". then under Category of Applicant, choose " Individual " and cllick select.
  7. Now the main Application page will occur. Here you need to choose your locality details. Choose appropriate category. I have choosed " Other Individual " which will suit for most of the Indian Citizen.
  8. To choose Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, click the "Click here" near to " For Non International Taxation AO details" as shown above.
  9. A new page will open. Here AO details for Army, Navy and Air-Force Personnel are given. For other individuals, at the bottom of the page, choose your city first letter. Here I have choosen " C " for Chennai city for example.
  10. Now choose your appropriate city name. For example, we are choosing CHENNAI from the give list.
  11. After choosing the city, in the next page AO code records for CHENNAI will be displayed. Check the appropriate description that will suit for you and select the option. Here we have choosed forst option for Pincode ending with 15 and salary above two lakhs, for example here pincode 600 015.
  12. After choosing the correct option, click Submit button at the bottom of page.
  13. Now in the main appication page, all the AO details are filled. Leave the " To" field blank.
  14. Fill your First, Middle and Last Name as shown in the following example.
  15. Fill all the required field in the application form. Remember one thing. Data entered in the Application form should match exactly with the Proof that you are going to submit along with the application. Otherwise your application will be rejected.
  16. Choose the appropriate documents that you are going to submit along with the application
  17. Otherwise you can simply choose " Copy of Certificate of identity signed by a Gazetted Officer " and fill this FORM ( DOWNLOAD FORMAT HERE ) and get sign from the Gazetted Officer and send along with the application. So there is no need of any other proof documents to be submitted along with application. Dont forget to mention the Acknowledgment Number that will be generated after submitting the application in the Gazetted Officer Caertificate.
  18. You can pay the Fee by using the following method. Choose the mode of payment suitable for you.
    • Demand Draft
    • Cheque
    • Credit Card / Debit Card
    • Net Banking
  19. Here through Credit Card / Debit Card ( No Confusion. Your ATM Card is your Debit Card ) or Net banking is the easiest way of making the payment. You will be charged around Rs. 5 by your bank. But its not a matter while comparing with DD charges and waiting in a Q for getting DD.
  20. Finally verify your application and click submit.
  21. There will be some instructions given at bottom of the final application. Read them carefully.
  22. Individual applicants affix your recent colour photograph ( 3.5 cm * 2.5cm ), sign the acknowledgment ( inside the boxx provided withoout touching the sides and in BLACK INK only ) and enclose a DD, if any, alongwith Proof of Identity & Proof of Address as specified in the application form.
  23. Superscribe the envelop with 'APPLICATION FOR PAN - Acknowledgment Number ' ( e.g. 'APPLICATION FOR PAN- 881010100000973 ' ).
  24. Send the documents to,

                            Income Tax PAN Services unit,

                             National Securities Depository Limited,

                             3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers,

                             Near Baner Telephone Exchange,

                              Baner, Pune - 411 045.

    25. You can check then status of your PAN Application using your Acknowledgment Number in Track your PAN / TAN Application Status website.